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How to Hold Your Faith in an Open Hand

Steven McCurdy

Imagine a bird. It’s the most beautiful bird you’ve ever seen. It’s feathers are stunningly vibrant and it sings the most magnificent songs. This is such an amazing creature that you must have it.

How much does it matter whether God exists?

Nathan Schneider

Two rooms, in two different cities, but pretty much the same scene: one man stands before a few dozen supporters, many of them middle-aged white males, plus a smaller, precocious cohort in early adulthood.

Be Real or Don't be at All

Anthony Portillo

We live in the internet age. A time when you can be whoever you want to be. Simultaneously, we are bombarded with things telling us who we should be! We are conditioned to gauge our self worth by the way that other people perceive us.

Why I am a Humanist

Graceful Atheist

This blog has primarily been about what I do not believe and what I am not. The entire premise of the blog is about my deconversion and letting go of faith.

Why I Am Not An Anti-Theist

Graceful Atheist

The original title for this post was “Why I Am Not a New Atheist,” but I found there is so much confusion about that term and what it means that this was more misleading than helpful.