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Deconversion How To

Graceful Atheist

Although everyone has a unique story, sometimes those stories can have striking similarities. Deconversion stories are no different. Sometimes they sound a lot like “I was born again” testimonies, “I was blind but now I see.

Ignore Your Friends and Listen to Your Enemies

Steven McCurdy

Consider your teachers, preachers, authors, and public speakers, are they: Men? White men? Old white men? Heterosexual old white men? Protestant heterosexual old white men? Protestant evangelical heterosexual old white men?

The Crocodile Tears of “Religious Liberty”

Tahil Sharma

The first few months of the Trump Administration have kept everyone on their toes; Executive Orders, “bombshell reports,” and the TV show script that is the President’s Twitter feed have placed all eyes on the United States, watching our every move and decision.

Our enemies are human: that’s why we want to kill them

Tage Rai Piercarlo Valdesolo Jesse Graham

At last count, more than 600,000 of Myanmar’s Muslim Rohingya minority had fled the country for Bangladesh. Ever since Rohingya militants attacked Myanmar police outposts, resulting in a dozen deaths in August 2017, Myanmar security forces have begun a campaign of ethnic cleansing.