Steven McCurdy

Elohim or Yahweh? Will the Real God of Israel Please Stand Up?

I love the book of Genesis. Since my conversion to Christianity I have appreciated aspects of the image of God portrayed there. The Christian creation stories display the magnificence of a god that I enthusiastically claimed; It’s quite the feeling to recognize that god as “my God”, as if you are now on the winning team.

How to Hold Your Faith in an Open Hand

Imagine a bird. It’s the most beautiful bird you’ve ever seen. It’s feathers are stunningly vibrant and it sings the most magnificent songs. This is such an amazing creature that you must have it.

Confession of a Theological Arsonist

I need to repent. It’s no secret that I practice my faith in a different way than most people. I’ve come to realize my faith is more meaningful when I am free to disassemble and rebuild.

Adventures in Religious Absurdity

Religion is Absurd Have you ever considered how utterly ridiculous faith traditions are? Faith is an irrational experience and no believer is immune, we just think we are because It’s easy for us to see the silliness of other religions while holding fast to the objective truth of our own.