Brave Browser

metagnosis takes privacy seriously and believes new technologies can help facilitate a more private and secure internet ecosystem. With that in mind metagnosis recommends the use of Brave for an internet browser.

Brave is based off Chromium, the open source base of Chrome so Brave can use Chrome extensions.

Simply put: Google knows too much about us and they shouldn’t be harvesting so much of your personal data. Brave has de-coupled Google from Chrome, giving us the speed (it is actually faster!) and reliability of Chrome without the intrusion.


Brave has built in ad block with per-site settings.

Fingerprint prevention

Fingerprinting is a method that advertisers and others use to follow you aroubd the internet. Brave has fingerpringint prevention on most platforms.

Brave Rewards

Get paid in BAT (a digital advertising tolen based on the Etherium blockchain) for choosing to watch privacy respecting ads. Use that currency to tip content creators (metagnosis is a verified publisher!)

HTTPS Upgrades

HTTPS is the secure hyper text transport protocol (the protocol that the powers the internet). Brave can automatically upgrade non encrytped http to https.


Sync your setting and bookmarks cross-platform.

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