metagnosis takes your privacy seriously. Check out our result on Blacklight the website privacy inspector. Keystroke logging is flagged because the search bar provided by Algolia logs keystrokes for autocomplete.

Analytics & Tracking uses Shynet analytics. It tracks which pages have been viewed, the referrer, country, operating system, browser, device type and session length. It respects “Do Not Track” and doesn’t collect IP addresses. There are no analytics cookies. I control the software, there are not third parties involved in analytics.

metagnosis only collects your name an email address if you send us a message on the contact form or register on our gitlab instance.

Some republished articles include a tracking pixel or other means to track where their articles have been republished.

Third Party Resources & Servers makes no external calls for resources (javascript, fonts or css). Resources are all hosted locally., The gitlab server, The wiki and the Drone CI server are all administered by me.

Cloudflare and Algolia are third party services used by the website for DDOS Protection/CDN and search respectively. I’m looking at replacing Algolia with Meilisearch.

Security does not accept payment information but pages are still protected by Let’s Encrypt certificates and http requests are redirected to https.

Cloudflare uses cloudflare as a CDN. Cloudflare does offer some analytics about users but seems to do it in a privacy respecting way. Cloudflare does use a cookie, but it is set to be deprecated


Site search is handled buy Algolia. Their privacy policy. Algolia does set a cookie.

A Note on Internet Privacy

Stop giving all you data to web giants like facebook and google. They know too much.